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How to reduce the cost of training personnel in complex industrial plants? How to demonstrate a product or service to a customer that is thousands of kilometers away? How to get attention in 3 seconds?

In the modern world, sometimes even a minute is not enough to attract attention. It is practically impossible to gain attention, but to make an impression on the verge of a miracle!

VR and AR technology is the best marketing tool to achieve fast objectives and WOW effect in the modern world.

3 MOTION is dedicated to the development of content for virtual and augmented reality, designed to solve specific problems.


The use of VR and AR technologies for corporate purposes is becoming the norm, allowing a more economical and productive training of employees to solve complex and unusual situations. Now you can remove the link to the geographical location.

We have successful experience in the introduction of augmented and virtual reality technologies in several companies.

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VR simulators reduce logistics and personnel costs by replacing instructors with virtual copies and recreate facilities and equipment in the most realistic way possible.


Changing the configuration of the simulator, adapting to new requirements, the ability to work in several languages.

  • Train key personnel
  • Reproduction of complex objects.
  • Elaboration of difficult and dangerous situations.

The total cost of implementing AR or VR is fully amortized by reducing rejections and increasing production speed, in addition to reducing the time to train new personnel.

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The development of VR content is relevant for marketing purposes (advertising, promotions, presentations), information and education (exhibitions, museums). The virtual reality with an exhaustive study of the details, textures and colors creates a feeling of immersion in a new space, which provokes the user a strong emotional response. Through strong emotions is a strong link with the product.

  • AR mobile applications
  • VR content
  • MR screens
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From generation to generation we cherish and pass on material and spiritual culture. Unfortunately, many objects of material culture did not survive the test of time and now we keep them only in our memories. 
We can to preserve cultural heritage with the advanced technology possible to preserve cultural heritage, facilitate online access to it and realize all the needs that require cultural objects. 
An important task of many governments in the 21st century, in collaboration with public-private partnerships to preserve cultural heritage for future generations and contribute to its progressive digitalization

  • Creation of 3D models (Three Dimensions) of existing buildings, structures or pieces
  • Creation of Virtual Tour
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Сreating 3D (three-dimensional) models of existing buildings and structures or existing objects

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Integration with all products of Autodesk

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Monitoring of areas as subject to restoration

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Creating a complete executive documentation with 3D and 2D technical drawing

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Source materials for further purposes (for example for printing on 3D printer)

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Create a virtual tour

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There is already a revolution in the field of visualization systems. Analysts predict that in 10-15 years, 2D screens will replace transparent circular LCD screens that will allow us to view holographic movies in the home without special glasses from any angle with maximum resolution. Today 3 MOTION offers to make your show unforgettable and spectacular with the help of holograms or large-scale lighting installations that delight in unimaginable special effects and fantastic reincarnations.

  • Full-color ultra realistic holograms.
  • The images of the objects recreated by them are practically indistinguishable from the originals.

3D mapping
Projection technology allows superimposing video content on static and mobile surfaces. For example, Body-mapping is ideal for fashion shows and performances.
The live projection in fountains, raindrops, on pond water surfaces, bays are actively used for the city’s public holidays.
3D mapping of objects is ideal for exhibitions, fairs and product presentations.

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