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Every year the interest for technologies grows tremendously. For example, a new kind of entertainment such as «virtual reality», which allows a consumer to experience a real feeling while watching a video through stereo glasses with the effects of movement and sense of touch etc.

This new technology is becoming more and more popular. Every year manufacturers of the innovative entertainment equipment offer all new and improved solutions not only for individuals for their personal use, but also for businesses.

We are a company with specialises on the production of a wide spectrum of innovative content.

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Advanced technology

This offer is intended for audiences of all ages. Our high-quality content will become your box office blockbuster thanks to the versatility of the content, high-quality video, audio production and postproduction all of which will be done using the latest technologies and then adapted for any accessories and equipment with the technology of virtual reality.

The Virtual Tour offer gives you video tour of any city of the world, which will be shot using the latest technology of panoramic video with professional audio.

We offer additional services such as professional scoring in a desired language and the integration of special effects in a ready video.

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Our content is created and
updated annually with the latest
technologies and equipment.

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Enhanced integration of the
finished video content. We cooperate
with the owners of XD attractions all
over the world. Every year almost
every owner of such equipment
becomes a loyal supporter of our
Virtual Tour programme due to the
high return of the investment from its use.

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Annually we upgrade the video
content and update it according to
the licensed Virtual Tour programme
and individual contract with the

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The cost of the production can
be reduced or it can be done at the
expense of the advertisers. We
search for such advertisers and take
into consideration all their wishes for
the video. For tourism associations
we offer a partnership programme
for integrating commercial video
content. While creating a content we
take into consideration all the desires
of advertisers, which will be seen
desired and exiting for a visit just like
cultural attractions of the city.

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The awareness increase. Annually we
provide our partners with marketing
research on the integration of your
video tour. Your city may become a
desired destination even if its current
recognition statistics is under 5 %.
Thanks to our Virtual Tour
programme your city will be
integrated in paid mobile apps, in XD

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There is a difference with ordinary
tours, like panoramic video in several
positions, of example a bird’s eye
view or dive into water. The reality
effect and the quality of our video
content will make your attraction a
desired destination to visit. A customers interest for already
watched destinations increases.

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We invite you to cooperate with us!

For a more detailed information about the programme just contact us.

We invite tourism associations and advertisers to cooperate in creating a video tour. It is an ideal solution to increase tourism and awareness about your city. We specialise on the production of virtual tours and creation of new entertainment content. In a year the recognition of your city will unarguably raise by 20% and more.

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