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«Until now, there are few who are ready to put a saucepan on their heads»: experts of virtual reality say and think that it will become an important part of our everyday life.

Virtual reality increasingly attracts more attention and interest of users, media professionals, as well as representatives of the film industry, becoming a large part of current modern art. Experts agree that virtual reality and augmented reality is new advance that will change the digital world and everyday life, as radically as computers, mobile telephony or the Internet had done.

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The technological market will grow more than 20 times in 2020 compared to 2016, from 1,800 million euro to 37,700 million euro, according to a report made by the analytical company SuperData. At the end of 2017, this market grew approximately 168%. Previously, the investment bank Goldman Sachs predicted that the volume of the virtual and augmented reality market will reach 20 billion by 2025 and the number of users, 95 million and 315 million respectively. The huge part of this market, i.e. 11.6 billion euro, will be allocated to video games in 2025.

Julia Soshina is an expert in the virtual reality market, founder of the Spanish company “3Motion”: “Unlike the European market, the Russian market has a greater trajectory in this field. Now we can find in Russia young people between 15 and 20 years old who have grown up with 5D movies. XD is a format that has begun to develop in Europe in the last 5 years, and that compared to Russia has had lower growth.”


«What Will It Take for Virtual Reality to Become More Immersive?»

The “Moscow 24” TV channel presented a review of the virtual reality market. 3 Motion took part in the preparation of this program.

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A new kind of entertainment is popular today. A lot of money are being invested by businesses into opening places, where you can play, walk around the cities of Europe and, for example, jump with a parachute. Moscow’s parks of virtual reality are visited by 5 to 15 thousand people a month. Leaving in the cash desks about 500 – 600 rubles at once. VR technologies have already become a trend not only in entertainment. Over the past year, the number of companies that decided to engage in development and earnings on virtual and augmented reality grew from 150 to 400. To use it in a variety of areas.


The leading Russian newspaper “RBC Daily” on the 5D market


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Interview with the founder of the company specializing in the development of virtual reality. According to the Global Industry Analysts research, the global virtual reality market will reach $22.4 billion by 2020. The IDC experts evaluate that the market volume will amount to $162 billion by 2022. According to the records of the Association of Augmented and Virtual Reality AVRA, the volume of the market in Russia amounted to 700 million rubles in 2016, which increased by 3.5 times from 2015. Over the past year, the number of Russian companies that deal with virtual and augmented reality has increased almost threefold, to 180 players. The General Director of 3 Motion S.L., Julia Soshina, as an expert, comments on the situation on the market – even in Europe it is not easy to find manufacturers of high-quality multi-seat VR-amusement rides. “The market is full of unscrupulous companies that use pirated content, primitive solutions. For example, you start to disassemble the amusement ride, and inside, instead of the promised German engines, you find Chinese ones”.


Dailymoneyexpert article on the professions of the future.


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The routine processes’ automation is ubiquitous and its impact on the labour market is enormous. Experts argue that in the future, representatives of humanities disciplines and creative individuals will be in demand again. The General Director of 3 Motion S.L., Julia Soshina, concludes that the professions of the future are the right symbiosis of new technologies and creativity.


The TV program about travelling on the “Russia” TV channel – “The Great Journey”


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The program tells, in an entertaining form, about the main sights of the city. The virtual reality game zone, made by our project, with advanced game simulators, was presented as a landmark of the city of Benidorm.