3D Culture

From generation to generation we cherish and pass on material and spiritual culture. Unfortunately, many objects of material culture did not survive the test of time and now we keep them only in our memories.

We can to preserve cultural heritage with the advanced technology possible to preserve cultural heritage, facilitate online access to it and realize all the needs that require cultural objects.

An important task of many governments in the 21st century, in collaboration with public-private partnerships to preserve cultural heritage for future generations and contribute to its progressive digitalization

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Безимени 1 3D Culture

Сreating 3D (three-dimensional)
models of existing buildings and
structures or existing objects

Безимени 1 2 3D Culture

Integration with all products of

Безимени 4 3D Culture

Monitoring of areas as subject to

Безимени 2 1 3D Culture

Creating a complete executive
documentation with 3D and 2D
technical drawing

Безимени 3 2 3D Culture

Source materials for further
purposes (for example for
printing on 3D printer)

Безимени 2 3D Culture

Create a virtual tour

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