Virtual Reality Zone is the best business solution with the most modern and high-quality XD-rides and VR simulators.

WE are

3 MOTION, S.L. is the European leader in the development of the most advanced virtual reality technologies

We offer a UNIQUE and INNOVATIVE business model in the market.
The best equipment and software within the field of virtual reality, together with applications and games without competition, a unique concept in Europe. Our equipment is focused on all ages and with infinite possibilities, from the smallest to the most adult.
The exclusivity of our business model is perfect to make compatible with other activities. This option allows you to make the business scalable, since there is flexibility.

  1. We were the first to unlock the opportunities of the virtual reality market in Europe.
  2. Thanks to our portfolio of projects and our research, we are able to advise on the best solution for your specific needs.
  3. We know all suppliers and market players, and work only with the best of them.
  4. Thanks to careful scrutiny, we can trust the quality and safety of our products. Our products are absolutely safe for consumers.


We present some reasons that make investing in the virtual reality sector an unforgettable opportunity.


According to the study «XR Report», prepared by The App Date and Telefónica, virtual reality businesses, augmented or mixed have grown by 86.6% in the last two years and this growth is expected to continue.




When we talk about virtual reality, we talk about innovation. A business that is based on the constant innovation and updating of game modes, with the aim of continuing to attract and retain customers, this area is in charge of our R + D + i expert department.

When you decide to join our team, you will have all the help and necessary elements.

"Currently, the turnover of the virtual reality industry in Spain is almost 40 million euros, even when it comes to a virtual reality." The picture is changing so fast that experts believe that companies that do not go in this immersive technology they could lose 10% of their market shares in a year.

After a shy start that lacked marketing support, virtual reality now has up to 88 million users worldwide who buy low-cost products and 10 million people who have the best options available» - Julia Soshina, CEO 3 Motion S.L.


  Analysis and evaluation of the project


  Advertising elements

  Support and training from the start

  Approved suppliers

  Initial training

  Selection, installation and launch of devices

  Own software for complete control and business management

From the Central we will carry out a continuous work of supervision of the correct functioning of your project. In addition, we have permanent call center service to solve any doubt that may arise.

Likewise, our computer team works every day to improve, perfect and design new modalities of our business, in order to be the best virtual reality alternative in the market.


Need more information?

3 Motion Group offers the best business solution in the long run. We take into account all the nuances that are important to their owners as a high margin, endurance and minimal wear on the mass use. In addition to upgrading the existing amusement equipment in use.

We provide quality content for it, adapted to all the VR device.

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